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A criminal lawyer is not your everyday Joe, when it comes to defending the accused. Our main motive is to provide excellent criminal defense solutions to our clients. Luckily for the people living in this town, a renowned law firm like the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling is there to ensure proper justice. Almost every consecutive day a criminal defense attorney or a criminal defense lawyer visits the insides of the Fullerton judicial office to fight for the rights of clients.Hence, the high goodwill within the courthouse works in the favor of the client. Exemplary remarks about Mr. Sterling and his associates have been made by the people who matter. Some say “The lawyers have a natural inborn talent to perform in the courtroom” and some even say “The criminal lawyer is compassionate, aggressive and effective”. The major difference is that we care for our clients and don’t treat them as people paying us to ‘try and help’ them.

Seeing loved ones get apprehended for murder, misdemeanor, sexual offenses, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, rape, household battery, etc is aggravating. We totally understand what the client has to go through from the time they get the news to the time the trial ends. It is difficult to hold yourself together and plan out every move. But essentially that is what one should try to do each time. Many a times innocent youngsters get caught up because of others trying to save themselves and the clueless kids are in big trouble. Sloppy police work also causes a lot of innocent people to face the judge and jury. They are obviously furious. This enraged behavior narrows down their chances to escape the prison wall.

The personnel over at the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling are more than willing to battle the oppressors and defend their clients. Careful examination of evidences and constant updates make the client realize how capable the criminal defense lawyer or the criminal defense attorney is. Seeing the issues concerning the Fullerton DUI attorney and the city legal affairs, at the same time is our prowess. Innocent people often say no to the chemical test if they are caught for a DUI case. But according to the state DUI attorney and the city laws; it is a crime. These cases are most common. Our competent and experienced team aces these out of the ball park more than often. Cases like possession of drugs, sexual battery, domestic violence, armed robbery, grand theft auto, etc.; are also dealt with great expertise.

Facing such a situation one often takes the wrong step, guided by adrenaline. When your peer is in custody, it is your job to make sure he/she comes out fine. Assigning an average lawyer may save you money but may not save your son, daughter, husband or wife. Competent, experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive lawyers are what you get at Justin E. Sterling. We treat your case as our own and ensure that we fight aggressively and effectively for your rights.

We go by what Muhammad Ali used to say: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. We carefully chalk out a strategy and that almost every time gets us the gold.

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If you have been arrested or are currently under investigation, you need the best by your side. At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, we've been honored statewide, including being named Lawyer of the Year by the Los Angeles County PDA. We fight tirelessly to achieve the absolute best for our clients.

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