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Have the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Torrance, CA

“A friend of yours is driving down the city of Torrance, CA and suddenly cops stop him and take him away for questioning or investigation. What would you do?”

Quiet often, even when self-righteous and law-abiding citizens are asked this question, their response do not come outright, or they are too flummoxed to offer any worthwhile response. It is not surprising; considering the general ignorance towards law, legal practices and criminal procedures.

It is not very difficult for an average citizen, or for that matter, a celebrity; to get oneself involved in a criminal case, such as domestic violence, housing violation, DUI cases, child endangerment, intoxication in public  etc. even if, one discounts the serious ones such as murder, rape, grand theft,  robbery etc.

The initial responses to these can be disbelief, trauma, feeling of guilt etc. These hamper the person from taking urgent steps to exercise his legal right to defend himself.  He is too overwhelmed to think hiring a criminal defense lawyer to defend himself. On that matter, it is not enough to hire any Torrance criminal lawyer, but to hire the best who has the legal acumen and experience, and is willing to pull out all the stops in securing justice to you.

In the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, which is a renowned and respected criminal law practice firm, you will find one such Torrnace criminal defense attorney who has dedicated himself to defense work and will provide aggressive legal representation with impeccable discretion and professionalism, to ensure speedy justice that you rightly deserve.

Mr. Justin E. Sterling founded the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling in 2011, after years of defending clients charged with misdemeanors and serious felonies, ranging from murder, DUI to civil rights lawsuits against the police; in Northern California and San Francisco. He chose to return to the city where he was born and raised – despite being offered a position at one of the most prestigious national law firm. More than personal success, what matters to him most is his passion for public service. Driven by the philosophy of “Changing somebody’s life for the better, through the practice of law”, Mr. Sterling endeavors to being a positive force in his client’s life and helping them through a very difficult time.

The firm offers complete representation in criminal matters of all kinds including attempted murder, murder, gang homicide, drug conspiracy cases, , child molestation, sexual assault and pornography cases,  DUI, major fraud, domestic violence and numerous others.

The above information might help you in choosing a law firm that not only excels in its profession, but is also driven by values. What matters most to you as a client, is not the size or maturity of a firm, but its effectiveness in creative and aggressive representation that matters in the courtroom. It is the attorney that you choose, will help you win your case and years of cherished freedom with your loved family.

For instance, if you are looking for dui attorney and the city of Torrance is full of them; seeking an attorney who is fully conversant with the intricacies of such cases, like examining forensic evidences and medical reports related to usage of alcohol or drug, might help you fight your case successfully.

The  team at Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, comprises not only of experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer but also a battery of professionals related to allied fields such as Forensic Toxicologist, DUI Expert, Bail Bondsman, Investigator, Retainer Funding Services etc. whose technical expertise and inputs are tapped into, while preparing the case for defense.

The Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling have a state wide presence in several cities to represent clients throughout California. All it takes to rest your case in competent hands is to Call (747) 233-3663 for a free consultation or scheduling an appointment.



If you have been arrested or are currently under investigation, you need the best by your side. At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, we've been honored statewide, including being named Lawyer of the Year by the Los Angeles County PDA. We fight tirelessly to achieve the absolute best for our clients.

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