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Drug Offenses

The Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling services its clientele in the following areas:

  • Drug Possession and/or Sales: Our firm has experienced tremendous success in the area of drug possession and sales cases. Mr. Sterling has been able to secure program placement for many of his clients. In fact, many of our first-time offender clients and even repeat offenders have enjoyed the benefits of having their cases dismissed.
  • Drug Transportation and/or Trafficking: California imposes harsh punishments when it comes to the more sophisticated drug operations. Many times these cases are prosecuted in federal court. While the penalties are severe, your situation is not hopeless. Through the relationships Mr. Sterling has formed, both in the courts and with prosecuting agencies, reaching a favorable resolution and avoiding incarceration can be a reality. Mr. Sterling has also experienced great success with juries, where his clients have ultimately been acquitted after trial.
  • Medical Marijuana – Compliance Law: Our firm provides representation and advice to those seeking the protection of the Compassionate Use Act under the provisions of California’s Proposition 215. Mr. Sterling is educated on the many scientifically proven medicinal benefits of marijuana. Unfortunately, possession, sale, distribution, and transportation of marijuana remain illegal under federal law. In addition, judicial interpretations of state law continue to establish challenging obstacles for those desiring to operate legally. We recognize that service providers operating under laws that decriminalize the use of marijuana require help getting through the maze of compliance issues. We provide reliable compliance advice and assist our clients in navigating this constantly evolving area of the law. Our clients include medical marijuana collectives, dispensaries, and primary caregivers.
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